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Thanks to loyal listener Captain Moe for his vision of The Night Train.

Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
The Revival of Boss Radio: AM radio
The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But, on the FM Dial!


Tune in Saturday's from 1:30 to 3 pm (Eastern Time)
Tune in live on W M P G at 90.9 FM, or listen worldwide & on-line at
Listen after the show at TNT AUDIO

Upcoming Radio Shows
Saturdays: 1:30 - 3 pm (ET)
(Unless otherwise stated)

Oct 29: The Night Train Show brings you another chapter from The
History Of Rock & Roll. This week, recent Fall Begathon donor,
The Ratt Fink, sponsors another of his unique radio shows.
 The Fink's theme: A Halloween/R & R Dance Party.
Sorry - no requests.

A Big Thank You
     Bill and his famous Night Train crew would like to thank its Night Train listeners for a record breaking Fall 2016 Begathon Show (Sept 24).  This Begathon show brought in a record number of calls (29) and a record total dollar amount for donations/pledges.
     If you donated the required amount and you expect to 1) program a radio show (for your $75 donation) or 2) program and also co-host a radio show (for your $100 donation), you should have been contacted by now.  If you have not been contacted, please email here.  In your email, please state 1) your donation amount, 2) the fact that you would like to either program a radio show or program & co-host a radio show, and 3) your email address.  Bill will contact you.

Nov 05: The Night Train Show brings you another chapter from The
History Of Rock & Roll.  This week,  it's an All-Request Show,
plus you'll hear three more acts from The Top 200 Artists
Countdown: Eddy Arnold (#28), Bobby Vinton (#27)
and The Miracles (#26).  Email your request
here, or call the Boss Hitline at:

Nov 12: The Night Train Show brings you another chapter from The
History Of Rock & Roll.  This week,  Rockin' Rick co-hosts
a show sponsored by recent Fall Begathon donor
Captain Moe.  The Captain's theme will be a
musical tribute to The Doobie Brothers.
Sorry - no requests.

Dec 10 or 17: The Night Train Show brings you another chapter
from The History Of Rock & Roll.  This week,  Rockin' Rick &
Art from Windham co-host the finale (Part 6) of their series
of shows titled, UMPG Concerts Acts.  You'll hear some
of the actual concert audio of Rick & Art's favorite
concert acts! Thanks to Joe Maloney, Brian
Chaloux (of K.R.W. & Company) and Bill
O'Neil for their parts in The Night
Trian's procurement of such
rare audio. No requests.

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The Night Train Show - Now cruising from 1:30 to
3 PM all over Southern Maine (90.9 FM) and streaming
around the world on-line at
The Night Train Show plays red-hot R&R tunes every Saturday starting at 1:30 PM.  Jump on board!  Don't be late.
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   Below are links to The Night Train Show's past shows (by years).  Click on a link and peruse at will.